250 Watt Pulse Start Metal Halide Ballast 4T Kits

250 Watt Pulse Start Metal Halide Ballast Kit 4T


250 Watt Pulse Start Metal Halide Ballast Kit

Ballast ANSI: M138/M153
Full ballast replacement kit w/ starter, capacitor, core & mounting hardware
Ballast Type: Pulse Start Metal Halide
Power Factor: 0.90
Weight: 9.4 lbs
JAMES Warranty: 3 Years
Ballast 4-Tap Works on: 120V, 208V, 240V or 277V
Amp Draw: 120V=2.45 208V=1.40 240V=1.23 277V=1.06
Circuit Type: PS-CWA
Capacitor Value: 15.0/400
Starter Used: ST1001


Pulse Start Metal Halide ballasts for MH lamps

250 Watt Metal Halide Ballast Kit 4T
Ballast ANSI: M138 and M153
Operating Voltage: 120V, 208V, 240V or 277V
Included: Starter, Capacitor, Core, Mounting.

ITEM NO ANSI NOPowerCircuit operating current  (A)Capacitor (μF) Power Factor N.weight/PC
JS-HPF MH70W.4T.CM9870W0.85/0.50/0.45/0.40A8μF /300V0.92.1kg
JS-HPF MH100W.4T.CM90100W1.10/0.70/0.60/0.50A10μF /300V0.92.55kg
JS-HPF MH150W.4T.CM102150W1.70/1.00/0.90/0.80A15μF /300V0.93.45kg
JS-HPF MH175W.4T.CM57175W1.85/1.05/0.90/0.80A10μF /400V0.93.5kg
JS-CWA MH250W.4T.CM58250W2.60/1.50/1.30/1.10A15μF /400V0.94.55kg
JS-CWA MH400W.4T.CM59400W4.20/2.50/2.10/1.80A24μF /400V0.96.2kg
JS-CWA MH1000W.4T.CM471000W9.10/5.50/4.60/4.00A24μF /480V0.910.15kg


What is a pulse start MH ballast kit? A: It is a type of ballast used to regulate and control the power supply for pulse start metal halide lamps.

What are the benefits of using pulse start MH ballasts? A: They offer improved efficiency, faster startup times, and longer lamp life compared to traditional MH ballasts.

What is the difference between pulse start and probe start MH ballasts? A: Pulse start ballasts use a different starting method and offer better performance and energy efficiency.

Can I replace my existing ballast with a pulse start ballast kit? A: Yes, as long as the voltage, wattage, and lamp type are compatible.

Are pulse start ballasts more expensive than traditional MH ballasts? A: Generally, yes, but the improved performance and energy efficiency can offset the initial cost.

Can I use a pulse start ballast with a non-pulse start lamp? A: No, pulse start ballasts are designed specifically for use with pulse start lamps.

How do I know if my lamp requires a pulse start ballast? A: Check the lamp manufacturer’s specifications or consult with a lighting professional.

What is quad-tap and do I need it for my ballast kit? A: Quad-tap means the ballast has four input voltage options, which can be useful for installations where the voltage may vary. It is not always necessary, but can be a helpful feature.

What is the typical lifespan of a pulse start ballast? A: This can vary depending on usage and maintenance, but pulse start ballasts can last up to 10 years or more.


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