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1000 Watt Pulse Start Metal Halide Ballast Kit 480V


1000 Watt Pulse Start Metal Halide Ballast Kit 480V

1000 Watt Pulse Start Metal Halide Ballast Kit M141 480V
Ballast replacement kit w/ starter, capacitor, core & mounting hardware

Pulse Start Metal Halide Ballast Info:
Ballast Model: 1000W-MH-11C-613-CK
Ballast Wattage: 1000 Watts
Ballast Voltage: Dedicated 480V
Ballast ANSI: M141 (1000W pulse start metal halide)
Ballast Type: Magnetic Pulse Start Metal Halide
Ballast Power Factor: 0.92
Ballast Weight: 21.1 lbs
JAMES Warranty: 3 Years
Ballast Circuit Type: PS-CWA
Ballast Capacitor Value: 24.0/480
Ballast Starter Used: ST2002

Pulse Start Metal Halide Ballast Performance:
* Ballast is designed in accordance with all applicable ANSI specifications including ANSI C82.4.
* Ballast is designed with Class “H” (180°C) or higher insulation system.
* Designed to operate for 60,000 hours of continuous operation at maximum rated temperature.
* Ballast and starter combinations operate reliably at starting temperatures of -30°C at nominal line voltage of plus or minus 10%.

We recommend all ballast servicing to be done by a certified electrician. Improper wiring is unsafe and can damage the bulb and/or ballast kit.

Benefits of Pulse Start Metal Halide vs Probe Start Metal Halide Ballasts:
* Faster restrike time (3-4 minutes)
* Half the warm up time (2 minutes)
* 25% to 50% improved lumen output (efficacy)
* Improved illumination levels over life (better lumenmaintenance)
* Colder starting temperatures
Ballast ANSI: M141
Operating Voltage: Dedicated 480V
Included: Starter, Capacitor, Core, Mounting


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