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James lighting appliance factory was founded in July,1991. is the leading manufacturer and supplier of HID CWA ballasts to the American market.

In the past, James ballast has supplied – Philips EBT, Osram Sylvania, General Electric and SYLVANIA Electronics, Manufacturing to the highest quality, James has been certified CE and ISO9001 since 2001.

James commonly used probe-start metal halide ballasts (MH) systems for mid-wattage MH lamps include constant-wattage autotransformer (CWA), constant-wattage isolated transformer (CWI), regulated lag (magnetically regulated) metal halide ballasts and high-reactance autotransformer (HX-HPF). Constant-wattage autotransformer (CWA): known as lead style metal halide ballasts, CWA metal halide ballasts are the most common HID ballasts used on 175 W or higher MH lamps.

JAMES is abundant in technical forces, which consists of all kinds of employees and technicians who are skillful and good at management, with occupation of land over 11,000 square meters.

The company owns advanced electric lamp ballast equipment’s, manufacturing techniques and complete checkout equipment for light bulb holders establishes strict technique control system and quality guarantee system.

We offer a great selection of light ballasts for your lamp repair and lighting restoration needs.

The ODM and OEM are available.



James Lighting was founded in 1991, as a supplier of lamp accessories.


Hard Won Victories

The second year is the hardest for most businesses, but the pressure turned James into an even stronger company.


Own Factory

We opened our own factory, using years of experience in the lighting industry to manufacture better fluorescent lamp ballasts internally.

James History


Rapid Expansion

JAMES extends our business to mercury vapor ballasts, metal halide ballasts, & high pressures sodium.


New Heights

We extend our business to Pulse Start HID ballasts.


Customization expert

The customized lamp ballasts can be made if you don’t like what we have.
James lighting has already completed more than 1000 projects in more than 30 countries.

▶We have over 30 years’ experience in design and manufacturing lamp ballast accessories.
▶Our factory has been accredited to CCC and ISO9001 approval.
▶We specialize in lamp ballast kits from raw materials to finished products.
▶Facilities and capabilities to design and develop new products to meet OEM project requirements.
▶We have a well-equipped in-house engineering tool shop and testing laboratory.
▶We follow the latest changes in published safety standards and American regulations.

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