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James lighting appliance factory was established in 1989,is the leading manufacturer and supplier of HID CWA ballasts to the American market.In the past,James ballast has supplied – Philips EBT, Osram Sylvania, General Electric and SYLVANIA Electronics,Manufacturing to the highest quality, James has been certified CE and ISO9001 since 2001.
James commonly used probe-start metal halide ballasts(MH) systems for mid-wattage MH lamps include constant-wattage autotransformer (CWA), constant-wattage isolated transformer (CWI),regulated lag (magnetically regulated) metal halide ballasts and high-reactance autotransformer (HX-HPF).Constant-wattage autotransformer (CWA): known as lead style metal halide ballasts, CWA metal halide ballasts are the most common HID ballasts used on 175 W or higher MH lamps.
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