HID ballast kits

35w – 2000w HID Magnetic Ballast for metal halide, high-pressure sodium and mercury vapor bulbs, Ballast kits are available in Quad-tap (120/208/240/277V), 480V, or 5-TAP (120/208/240/277/480V) voltage options.

We carry a wide selection of these products including High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) Ballasts, Metal Halide Ballasts (MH) Ballasts, Mercury Vapor Ballasts and Electronic Ballasts.
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400 Watt Multi-tap CWA metal halide ballasts
175w mercury vapor ballasts
250w metal halide ballasts
400 watt metal halide ballasts
1000 watt metal halide ballasts
Electronic metal halide ballast
Pulse start metal halide ballast
HPS MH Electromagnetic Ballasts
UV lamp ballasts 9w

What is a lamp ballast?

Lamp ballasts are crucial devices used in lighting fixtures to control the flow of current to lamps, ensuring that they operate safely and efficiently. These devices are specifically designed to maintain the correct voltage and current levels required by the lamps, which allows them to function at their optimal levels.

Ballasts are used in a variety of lighting fixtures, including fluorescent, metal halide, and high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting fixtures. They are available in different shapes and sizes to suit various applications. Additionally, ballasts are useful in reducing electricity consumption in some types of lighting fixtures and minimizing issues such as flickering and noise.

Ballasts are an essential component in any lighting system and are essential for ensuring the long-term performance of the lighting.

1000 Watt HPS (High Pressure Sodium) Ballast Kits

All You Need To Know About Metal Halide Ballast Kits

Metal Halide Ballast kits are available with pre-wired capacitors and ignitors (if required), as well as mounting brackets, hardware, and installation instructions, all in one convenient package. These kits are offered in various voltage options, including Quad-tap (120/208/240/277V), 480V, or 5-TAP (120/208/240/277/480V).

Designed to power metal halide lamps, these ballast kits are a type of high-intensity discharge (HID) lamp that uses an arc discharge to produce light. The arc is generated between two electrodes in a bulb containing a mixture of gases, including metallic halides.

Metal halide ballast kits are commonly utilized in outdoor and industrial lighting settings, such as parking lots, sports fields, and warehouses. With their comprehensive installation packages and reliable performance, they are an excellent choice for businesses seeking efficient and long-lasting lighting solutions.


Ballasts for Fishing Light

175 watt Quad-Tap mercury vapor ballasts

The ballast kit is responsible for igniting the lamp, which is necessary to start the process of producing light.

When the lamp is first turned on, the ballast sends a surge of electrical current through the lamp, which ionizes the gas inside the lamp and causes it to emit light.

When selecting a magnetic ballast, consider the voltage and wattage requirements of your intended application, as well as the size and weight of the ballast. You will also need to ensure that the ballast is compatible with the type of bulb.

A fishing light ballast is an electrical component that is used to regulate the electrical current that flows through the lamp in a fishing light.

A ballast is necessary because the lamp used in a fishing light, whether it be a mercury vapor or metal halide lamp, requires a specific amount of electrical current in order to function properly.

Fishing light ballast is a critical component in ensuring that the lamp in a fishing light operates safely and effectively, providing bright light to attract fish to the area.

175 watt Quad-Tap mercury vapor ballasts

About The HPS Ballast Kits

A high-pressure sodium ballast kit is an electrical component used to regulate the voltage and current in a high-pressure sodium lamp. It is called “magnetic” because it uses a magnetic core and coil to transform the voltage and regulate the current.

The ballast is necessary to ensure that the lamp operates safely and efficiently. High-pressure sodium lamps require a high starting voltage to ignite the gas inside the lamp, and then a lower operating voltage to sustain the light. The ballast provides this starting voltage and regulates the voltage and current during operation.

A high-pressure sodium lamp is a type of gas-discharge lamp that produces light by passing an electric current through a mixture of sodium and mercury vapor at high pressure. These lamps are commonly used for outdoor lighting, such as streetlights and parking lot lighting, due to their high efficiency and long lifespan.

1000 Watt Pulse Start Metal Halide Magnetic Ballasts


HID ballast kits are commonly utilized in outdoor and industrial lighting settings, such as parking lots, dock lights, sports fields, fish lights and warehouses. With their comprehensive installation packages and reliable performance.

120/208/240/277V 60Hz US HID Magnetic Ballasts HPS/MH/MV.

HID ballasts for HPS (High Pressure Sodium), MH (Metal Halide) and MV (High Pressure Mercury Vapour Ballasts).

Ballast kits: ballast + capacitor + Ignitor + bracket

The ballast is an excellent choice for businesses seeking efficient and long-lasting lighting solutions.

Magnetic 1000 watt metal halide ballasts for MH lamps
35w – 2000w HID Digital electronic Ballasts

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FAQs About Ballast Kits

Are you a factory?

Yes, We are a professional manufacturer of lamp ballasts since 1991, exporting to USA, France, UK, Germany, Brazil, Middle east, ect.

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Yes, we have a professional team to produce the light bulb socket according to your demands and drawing.

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Yes, we can provide you with a sample, but you need to pay for the sample and freight first. We will return the payment after you make an order.

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