UV lamp electronic ballasts for Germicidal bulbs

Power Factor: >0.55
Efficiency: >90%
Operating Frequency: 40-70KHz
Dimensions: 215*44*26mm
Input line length:430mm
Output line length:630mm
Signal line length:630mm


Installation requirement:
Wire Gauge:0.5-1.0mm2
Max. cable length between ballasts and lamp:5m
LDE specification=1.8-3.6V IF =20-50mA

Mounting Restrictions:
Disconnect Input Power Before Installing or Servicing.
Ballast Case Must Be Grounded.
Don’t short any two wires of the four outputs.
The yellow wire must be insulated when driving a lamp.


1. Electronic ballast storage characteristics and consistent performance.
2. The electronic ballast has strong reliability, which can be used in the process of
use and reduce early failure.
3. The electronic ballast also has good startup characteristics, which greatly improves
the lamp life.
4. Beautiful appearance, white iron shell, suitable for various types of lamps or lamps.
5. The compactness of the electronic ballast is strengthened, and the design of the
lamp and the ignition point is more compact.



The choice of ballast is very critical, just as the car’s engine, the performance of the car, and the engine are closely related to good or bad. The same is true of the lamp, the UV lamp and the ballast only with the perfect match, can play the best bactericidal effect and help to extend the life of the lamp.


Type Input

Voltage (V)


Power (W)


Current (A)

Power Per Lamp (W) Lamp Current     (A) Weight




Qty(pcs) GW(kg)
PLC-425-90 198-264 87 0.69A@230V 21-79 0.39-0.43 0.35 450*280*190 30 11
PLC-425-2/40 198-264 87 0.69A@230V 21-40 0.39-0.43 0.35 450*280*190 30 11
PLC-800-100 198-264 105 0.83A@230V 35-95 0.75-0.85 0.35 450*280*190 30 11
PLC-425-90A 99-132 87 1.3A@120V 21-79 0.39-0.43 0.35 450*280*190 30 11
PLC-425-2/40A 99-132 87 1.3A@120V 21-40 0.39-0.43 0.35 450*280*190 30 11
PLC-800-100A 99-132 105 1.6A@120V 35-95 0.75-0.85 0.35 450*280*190 30 11


Main Application:

Aquarium disinfection
Water treatment

Lead Time: 20 days after received 30% deposit
Payment: T/T, L/C at sight, Western Union
Free samples for one to three pieces, Freight on customers’ side
LCL by express, e.g.: FEDEX, DHL, UPS, TNT, etc.
FCL or LCL by ship

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