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400w metal halide ballast for MH lamp

Metal halide lamp, the arc discharges through the combined vapors of mercury and certain compounds of iodine. The halide compounds help strengthen yellows, greens and blues, so the overall color rendering of metal halide lamps is green-white. Reds and oranges appear dulled. Phosphor coatings on the bulbs of mercury vapor
and metal halide lamps can improve color rendering and provide light diffusion.
Once a mercury vapor or metal halide lamp starts, voltage drops to lower operating voltage levels.

50 Watt Pulse Start Metal Halide Ballast Kit 2 Tap

400w metal halide ballast, also referred to as HID lighting (High Intensity Discharge) gives off a nice brilliant color of white light. In contrast, high pressure sodium gives off a yellow/orange color of light.Metal halide high bay and very low bay lighting is often noticed in gymnasiums, arenas, grocery outlets, and so forth. because it presents a real white color that resembles daylight.Gymnasium lighting needs a light that provides off a sizable volume of light and involves incredibly very little servicing.

Probe Start Metal Halide Ballast Wiring Diagram

A resistor or thermal switch in series with the starting electrode now blocks voltage to the starting electrode so it does not arc and burn out during normal lamp operation.
The arc tube of an HPS lamp is too narrow to house a separate starting electrode. Since there is no starting electrode in an HPS lamp, a much higher start-up voltage is required to establish an arc between the wide gaps of the main electrodes. This low-power, high voltage spike ranges between 2500 and 4000 volts. This voltage spike or pulse is provided by a starter pulse circuit board separate from the HID ballast



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