What’s a ballast hid?

ballast hid are the devices which run fluorescent, metal halide and high-pressure sodium lighting systems. They start the lamp and keep it operating through the proper application of the voltages and maintaining the life of the lamp. Fluorescent and HID lighting simply wouldnt work without them. Ballasts are generally very heavy, except for some electronic ballasts which are lighter and more energy-efficient.

Pulse Start metal halide Lamp ballasts

A ballast is a simple transformer with a very high impedance secondary winding which makes its current self-limiting. It also has windings for each lamp filaments. At startup the filaments get most of the power and heat up to facilitate ionization.

The HID ballasts are very heavy and are of core and coil variety. Need a quality ballast hid at a great price? ballastrus.com has the fluorescent lamp ballasts, fluorescent sign ballasts, ballast hid, and more to make your lighting installation a success. When it comes to replacing your ballast, ensuring you purchase the right model is vital if youre in need of assistance, make sure to give us a call at 0086 18666019486 for helpful, expert advice. In addition to carrying all of the ballasts and ballast kits you need, we offer the service to help you find the right ballast with a competitive price to help you stay within your budget.

With the advent of each technology, new challenges were presented. Mercury lamps
replaced incandescent in industrial and roadway applications and improved the
economics by providing longer life and a more efficient light source. The downside was
that the color quality was compromised to some degree. The invention of High Pressure
Sodium (HPS) dramatically changed discharge lighting by providing much higher
efficacy and life but still compromising color quality by having the golden white color.
Then along came Metal Halide, and color quality was significantly improved but lamp
life and efficacy were not quite as good as HPS. To come up with a lamp that gave good
color, efficacy and life became the challenge of lamp designers.

Mercury Vapor Ballasts

ballast hidtechnical community
met the challenge and the Metal Halide lamp was invented. Many things have to be
considered in designing a discharge lamp. Design areas that need to be considered
include arc tube thermal profile, gas fill pressures, arc tube body shape, arc tube material,
chemistry, electrode characteristics and ballast hid design all to name a few. Making a
compromise in one area may have ramifications in other areas; thus, affecting lamp
performance and/or cost.

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