175 watt metal halide ballast specification and price

Mercury-vapor lamp (MV). With the lowest efficacy of any of the HID sources, most of these lamps in the 175 watt metal halide ballast to 1000W ratings have an average rated life of 24,000 hrs. Because of this relatively long life, coupled with a slow reduction in lumen output, you should replace them well before reaching their average-rated life. Normal end-of-life (EOL) is a nonstart condition or very low light output caused by blackening of the arc tube from electrode deterioration.

175 watt metal halide ballast to replace existing core and coil ballasts for this popular lamp. These are for standard MV175 lamps and have everything you need to replace your ballast and they come in multi-tap voltage of 120, 208, 240 and 277 volt. Although these ballast kits are no longer made, most people are using the metal halide ballast kits for the replacement. It’s a way to keep mercury vapor lamps if you still want them if the ballast goes out. And there are certain applications where people want to keep their mercury light bulbs in places such as landscaping for certain types of outdoor lighting.

175 Watt Mercury Vapor Ballast

175 watt metal halide ballast kit is a complete HID replacement kit including hardware. So if you have old mounts or you need to change the mounting inside, you can do that with the included steel that is included in the light kit. Be aware that there are a lot of wires to pay attention to, but the schematic can guide your electrician or maintenance person to properly install the HID ballast. Of course, many of these professionals already know how to change a ballast, but we make sure that we give you everything that will make it possible to get your light up and running again. We have these in stock and can ship them out immediately so you can get your light working properly.

175 watt metal halide ballast features:
– Multi-tap 120, 208, 240, 277 volt.
– For standard 175 watt mercury vapor lamps.

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