400 watt hps ballast LAMP CYCLING

400 watt hps ballast HPS LAMP CYCLING
All HPS lamps experience voltage rises during their life
and have a designed end-of-life voltage rating. When
the voltage rise reaches the end-of-life voltage, the
ballast cannot supply the needed operating voltage, the
lamp goes out, and cycling begins.

As the hot lamp
cools, it restarts at a lower than end-of-life voltage. But
as the lamp begins to heat up again, its operating
voltage soon rises past its end-of-life voltage.



The lamp
turns OFF and the cycle repeats itself.
End-of-life cycling can occur in an HPS lamp at the
time of installation, at six years, at end of life or at any
time in between.

A bad lamp can fail prematurely. In
most cases, cycling is caused by a voltage rise due to
increased lamp resistance, electrode wear, etc.
Equipment Mismatching.

Using the wrong lamp in the fixture can cause
cycling. As shown in Table 1, 150-watt HPS lamps are
manufactured in two voltage ratings: 55 volts and 100
volts. 400 watt hps ballast will have their voltage rating
stamped on the lamp body to avoid confusion when
replacing these lamps.


400 Watt High pressure sodium Ballast Kit


A 400-watt, 100-volt HPS lamp
installed in a 400 watt hps ballast fixture will cause cycling
because the 55-volt ballast does not supply the
necessary voltage required by the hps lamp.

Suggestions for HID Fixture Maintenance
Proper maintenance of any lighting system is essential to maintain levels of illumination necessary for productivity,
merchandising, visual comfort, safety, and security.

If an individual component fails and is allowed to remain in the lighting
system, costly damage to other components can result. Major repairs can often be avoided by simple maintenance.


high pressure sodium ballast wiring


400 watt hps ballast procedures and timely attention to small problems, such as replacing burned-out lamps.
Preventing a problem from occurring is more desirable and economical than fixing it later.

A scheduled program of preventive maintenance
can save money while maintaining productivity and safety.

By using the following maintenance strategies, the ballast will
have a longer, more trouble-free life. There are many lighting maintenance contractors and electrical contractors who can economically
perform a scheduled maintenance program.

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