What’s high pressure sodium ballast output voltage

high pressure sodium ballast output voltage use high pressures of sodium, in an excited state, to generate light. A magnetic ballast, in series with an AC current voltage source, supplies the lamp with a near-constant stream of current. Sodium ballast lamps are widely used in streetlights and security lighting, as well as applications requiring high color rendering. Building your own sodium ballast lamp, whether by assembling your own materials or purchasing a sodium ballast kit, is more economical than purchasing a manufactured sodium ballast lamp.

As we have discussed, the high pressure sodium ballast performs a number of
important functions in HID lamp operation. These include:
1. Providing the correct starting current.
2. Providing the correct starting voltage.
3. Limiting current to the lamp. The most basic
function performed by a ballast is to limit the flow

Two-lead starters have their own ignition high pressure sodium ballast output voltage.
of current through the lamp. When the lamp starts
and begins operation, it basically is operating as a
short circuit across the electrodes. The high pressure sodium ballast output voltage
connected with the lamp acts to limit the current
flowing to the lamp to keep it from destroying itself
as resistance develops. Without the limiting
capability of the ballast, the lamp would draw more
and more current and eventually explode.
Providing the correct voltage to stabilize lamp

We also have discussed how a magnetic high pressure sodium ballast
can act as a transformer to step-up line voltage
levels needed to start the lamp. Many mercury
vapor and metal halide lamps are designed to start
using approximately 240 volts. If this voltage is not
available, transformers are used inside the ballast
to change the available voltage into the 240 volts
needed for start-up. For example, if 120 volts is
applied to a 100-turn primary coil, a secondary
output coil with 200 turns will produce the needed
240 volts for start-up.

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