How to choose a 175 Watt Mercury Vapor Ballast Kit

175 watt mercury vapor ballast kits to replace existing core and coil ballasts for this popular lamp. These are for standard MV175 lamps and have everything you need to replace your ballast and they come in multi-tap voltage of 120, 208, 240 and 277 volt. Although these ballast kits are no longer made, most people are using the metal halide ballast kits for the replacement. It’s a way to keep mercury vapor lamps if you still want them if the 175 Watt Mercury Vapor Ballast Kit goes out. And there are certain applications where people want to keep their mercury light bulbs in places such as landscaping for certain types of outdoor lighting.

175 Watt Mercury Vapor Ballast Kit

This kit is a complete HID replacement kit including hardware. So if you have old mounts or you need to change the mounting inside, you can do that with the included steel that is included in the light kit. Be aware that there are a lot of wires to pay attention to, but the schematic can guide your electrician or maintenance person to properly install the new ballast. Of course, many of these professionals already know how to change a ballast, but we make sure that we give you everything that will make it possible to get your light up and running again. We have these in stock and can ship them out immediately so you can get your light working properly.

Product features:
– Multi-tap 120, 208, 240, 277 volt.
– For standard 175 watt mercury vapor lamps.

mercury vapor ballast wiring diagram

Always wear proper eye protection whenever you work
on luminaires or replace a lamp. Although not a common
problem, lamps have been known to shatter due to operational
problems or when being turned into or out of the
socket.Luminaires can be heavy. Position the bucket so you do
not have to overreach or stretch while lifting or handling the
luminaire. Always secure the luminaire, cover and any other
items or tools inside the bucket so there is no danger of
them falling to the ground.

How to choose a 175 Watt Mercury Vapor Ballast Kit


Always be certain the luminaire is properly grounded.
Use the grounding screw provided and run back to mechanical
ground. If the luminaire is not properly grounded, it
may become electrically ―hot‖ if a component or wire inside
the housing grounds itself to the housing. This can happen
if wires become frayed, or ballasts or other components are
damaged. The danger of electrical shock then exists when
the service technician touches the housing and grounds
another part of his or her body. The feeling of static electricity
when you are near to, or brush lightly against a luminaire
is a sign that it may be electrically ―hot.‖ De-energize the
fixture immediately and inspect for a possible short to
ground inside the housing.
If a lamp (light bulb) should break during installation or
removal, de-energize the fixture and remove the broken
lamp from the socket using a broken lamp base extractor.
14. Work carefully and use good judgment in all situations.
Most accidents are the result of carelessness.

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