Why the magnetic ballast oven critical?

Magnetic ballast drying approach is incredibly significant, the time can’t last too prolonged, it can be easy to paint cracking, also can’t be short.
JAMES magnetic ballast oven with the time relay, when the frequent temperature, time relay is usually set in accordance for the time worth from the insulation, once the sound alarm, alarm time is often optional, immediately reduce off after the alarm
Burner working power supply, for example 2nd working part of the gadget has to be restarted, heating can resume regular management. The framework of tools to angle steel, channel steel frame, inside and outside the bile by Q235 thin plate
Manufacturing, within the middle full of heat insulation products, steel are treated by anti rust, the box surface spray paint. The studio side is equipped with 4 prolonged axis air blower, to ensure the air circulation inside the furnace; this gadget is really a plus.
Heating, electrical heating for tubular electrical heating component, solid state relay, the control could be divided into two groups according to require and use or choose. The ways according towards the drying box outfitted with power load switch, effectively linked electrical power line and ground Line; test the electrical line, verify no matter if the blower motor turns towards the path in the arrow.

Temperature parameter setting temperature handle instrument applying the temperature parameter in accordance towards the product approach set the time and time from the alarm delay time; the workpiece or make an effort to push the drying box, and close the door
; open the electrical power switch, starting up the blower switch, electric heating switch; once the temperature with the drying oven box to reach the set temperature with the electric heating temperature manage, the frequent temperature time relay starts to get the job done, and
Just after reaching the preset time worth, shut the heating electrical power provide; the 2nd component needs to restart the method; the drying box is outfitted with in excess of temperature alarm function, as well as the heating power may be immediately cut off when the temperature is above.

Alarm sound; in excess of temperature normally doesn’t happen, such as the occurrence of in excess of temperature deposit, very first close the mute switch, and very carefully check electrical wiring, the confirmation following the open program. JAMES drying oven guarantees the magnetic ballast paint is clean and stunning.

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