Ways to opt for the fluorescent light ballast?

Electronic ballast U-OUT worth (output highest functioning voltage) really should be subject to ideal, to cooperate with T8 36W as well as the following specs and beneath T5 24W specification lamp electronic ballast, U-OUT is significantly less than or equal to 300V. For T5 28W, T5 35W with the lamp and electronic ballast for T8 58W lamps, U-OUT value need to be (300V ~ 450V), obtain the fluorescent light ballast, never set up, ought to meticulously look at the indicator over the ballast and read the installation directions, in accordance with the provisions from the emblem or specification requirements of wire connecting with appropriate sectional spot the lamp and ballast, linked by wiring diagram on the sign, the acceptable collection of lamp tube parameters in accordance towards the indicator, uncovered that both ends in the lamp tube is not brilliant red, leap, lamp really should be replaced in the timely method, to avoid the occurrence of ballast burned insecurity, in cleaning and servicing ought to pay out awareness to not ordinary combustible materials, this kind of as paper, a rag, the omission on the ballast, so as to avoid the occurrence of safety troubles brought about by overheating with the ballast, do not use a damp cloth to wipe the fluorescent light ballast, to avoid electric shock.

(a) electronic ballast of marking the content is total, mainly with the Chinese identify of your producer or seller; rated provide voltage and frequency; lamp equipped together with the specs, power, the quantity of lamp; wiring diagram; terminal connecting wire cross-sectional region; TC value (the utmost situation temperature); U-OUT worth (the output end maximum working voltage); energy for numerical and CE certification mark (need to have corresponding to the enterprise certification number)

(b) electronic ballast TC values to bid greater, that substantial temperature atmosphere capability, basic TC is in excess of or equal to 65 DEG C, once the TC is a lot more than or equal to 70 DEG C belongs on the good quality very good merchandise.

(c)Fluorescent light ballast TW value should really be as large as you possibly can, as well as winding temperature rise,|?èt need to be as reduced as possible, i.e. TW value and delta T value, indicating superior high quality of the ballast. Standard very good ballast tw=130 |?èt is significantly less than or equal to 60 (3) for substantial power fuel discharge lamp inductance ballast, choose so far as doable together with the original brand merchandise, this indicator should be to indicate internal ballast has thermal protector, inverted triangle winning three factors in useful application is indicating ballast surface will be the hottest Celsius temperature worth, normally for 140 ~ 160. With this particular signal of ballast, when the lamp or even the boot device is damaged (making abnormal state), the thermal protector will automatically act, which can be certain the safety of your ballast and lamp use.

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