The way to restore the 40w electronic ballast?

In your own home 40W fluorescent lamp use over 3 many years,it can be not also lousy a, but each and every 6 months or so to alter an electronic ballast and electronic ballast prices to not pricey, 2-3USD, quite possibly the most expensive 5 USD, but lifestyle is brief, a couple of years right down to adjust a lot, open ballast discovered that all is start off capacitor is damaged.

The main reason may be the capacitor, open lamp will make large voltage glow lamp, ballast could be the most quickly damaged components, the performance of this element will be to judge the interest pressure worth have to attain 1200V, in order to make sure the service existence, most of the manufacturers to be able to conserve charges, the usage of 400V capacitor, the capacitor damage is tremendously shortened life expectancy breakdown procedure, open circuit board, see the capacitor as well as the lamp is collusion, judging regardless of whether the capacitance breakdown, employing multimeter resistance profile measurement of the points and B points, infinity is in good affliction, has indicated the circuit breakdown pathway out of the picture, you see, C5 is really a starting up capacitor, 40W lamp start-up capability is 682J, 6N8J, 332J 472J, 32W, the capacity is 332J, is usually interchanged, such as U sort energy-saving lamp tube features a starting capacitor in the similar style, but mostly for the reason that this kind of small tube electrical power is 332J, the normal collection of polyester capacitors, the ballast is broken, modify commencing capacitor, indeed save loads of price. But note that a level would be the ideal voltage is 1200W, the life is assured, but additionally hope that producers attach importance to this component, or extra reasonable investigation and improvement with the circuit, to ensure the serious role of daylight saving power!

capacitor values 332J is ceramic capacitors, polyester capacitors are frequently labeled approach, the default worth is PF, the final 2 showed that quantity of times square, could also be deemed for being the amount of zeros, J said error is plus or minus 5%, if K could be the margin of error of plus or minus 10%, 332J mentioned 3300pf capacitors, error of plus or minus 5%, but the vast majority of the capacitance is f (micro method), so this capacitor is 0.0033 u F

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