At present the trouble with the LED street lamps

Using the advancement of lighting engineering, the advancement of high power LED street lamp is very rapidly. During the useful application, it not only reflects the benefits, but also exposes the difficulties. We’ll be 4 LED street lamp suppliers solutions were discipline trial, plus the intensity of illumination, uniformity test, now the real operation situation as well as high-voltage sodium lamp are in contrast, and introduce the primary current challenge of LED street lamp is composed of a plurality of LED light sources, LED light supply plus a strong directional properties, but the light supply from the projection distance is limited, leading to lamp light, between the two lights dark, uniform illumination from the bad phenomenon.

Some companies of lamps applied particular optical lens secondary light distribution, uniformity continues to be enormously enhanced, but you’ll find some defects and beam are projected onto the roadway, isn’t going to take into consideration the lamp, the sidewalks, resulting in light place in essence no illumination, lighting atmosphere ratio is poor some LED street light is only the LED light supply is arranged from the regular lamp reflector to reflect the light emitted by LED light source through the reflector, but following the actual application impact is extremely bad, illumination uniformity degree is particularly reduced. The style and design of this kind of lamps and lanterns product or service is not really entirely viewed as the optical traits of LED, plus the utilization of the classic street lamps to cut back the expense of investigate and development. Hardly ever see such products have good lighting uniformity. For that reason led light source to truly substitute substantial pressure sodium lamp and turn into better than substantial voltage sodium lamp energy-saving green merchandise remains to get in its own light efficiency improve, compensate for lack of light supply luminous flux efficiency defects second is definitely the efficiency of LED lamps. Some lamps and lanterns with secondary light distribution of optical lens, others utilize the standard light distribution device, different light will considerably have an effect on the lamp of the light efficiency. Furthermore, the IP characteristics of your lamps and lanterns efficiency has a certain impact within the efficiency in the LED driver circuit, according to the characteristics of LED light source, the LED driver circuit ought to be a continuous current traits, in the event the driver circuit design and style, drive circuit itself will eat a lot of energy, will make the conversion efficiency of LED light supply of existence as much as 50000 hrs, but LED street lamp is often a system integration, affecting the daily life of several components, for instance packaging engineering, LED particles blend mode, cooling mode, energy supply, and so on.. If the package deal will not be superior, the lamp foot speak to is lousy, leading to the junction temperature rise, will enormously have an impact on the lamp existence of your lamp is utilized in the style and design of heat dissipation, to be able to maximize the heat conduction place. Nevertheless, the application setting of street lighting is generally bad, plus the metal surface corrosion a result of the large amount of heat dissipation, long-term use, the heat dissipation is inevitable to accumulate dust, which will have an impact on the lamp cooling, which prospects for the large temperature is higher, which prospects to your LED street lamp employing the real daily life with the electrical power supply is composed of a variety of electronic components, the existence and stability with the energy provide. There’s a lamp check run two months not to the check, on account of harm to the drive energy and turn off the lights. For that reason, the choice of reputable power provide may be the key to keep the issue.

The influence of LED street lamp has numerous factors, it’s tough to preserve 50000 hrs without maintenance. The light source and high-pressure sodium lamp life up to 24000 hours,hps ballast life is extra than 50000 hrs. The framework design and style of LED street lamps are integrated design and style, the two led lamp injury or electrical power supply failure., but there is a problem ought to be full demolition replacement, maintenance workload, higher value, and high stress sodium lamp only want to change a light bulb or ignitor, upkeep function is tiny and lower price.

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