Ballasts for high pressure mercury lamp and metal halide lamp can exchange?

High pressure sodium lamp, metal halide lamp, and so on. really need to include voltage increased compared to the energy provide voltage to start out. Basic various kinds of HID lamps are demanded to include 0.6 ~ five.0kV in the pulse substantial voltage. The electronic ignitor is really a device that will create a pulse high pressure to start a light bulb.

When the lamp is ignited, the pulse large voltage disappears, and the electronic ignitor stops working in parallel. The electronic ignitor depends upon the ballast winding up high-voltage isolation or as a element from the beginning method. It should have the capacity to withstand repeated pulse high pressure without the need of damage. In some lighting lines, ballast as beginning system of the component using the ignitor matching, this sort of ballast to become specially made and coil ballast pump turns and connection identification should comply using the style necessities with the ignitor. Otherwise, any incorrect matching could cause the lamp can not do the job, impact the existence of the lamp, result in the destruction in the ballast or ignitor series start out: the pulse substantial voltage produced by the electronic ignitor directly utilized to the bulb at each ends to start out the lamp, and the ballast is just not high pressure pulse. Therefore, and no much more specific specifications beneath 100W power HID lamps and part with the new advancement of energy-saving HID lamp ballast, per week to the ignitor pulse amount index even now has particular necessities, multi pulse ignitor simpler to start lighting, so it’s more ideal to make sure the lamp lifestyle and functionality in accordance with the test: about figure 6a-d lighting lines in the, when the rise in the electrical power supply voltage for the rated value 105%, the lamp power enhanced by 12%; once the energy supply voltage as much as rated value 110%, lamp power about improved 28% to 30%. And lighting line e because of the LC peak ballast upfront, once the rise on the power supply voltage to your rated value 110%, lamp power only raise 15% about. As the energy supply voltage changes on the lamp energy, so the electrical power supply voltage need to be controlled inside of 105% of your rated voltage. Otherwise it’s going to significantly influence lamp ballast lifestyle

Metal halide lamps from the start off to the secure to several minutes to check out figure, lamp again started out to after a number of minutes to twenty minutes cooldown, in some destinations, double ended metal halide lamp configuration hot start off device can quick start off lighting metal halide lamps varieties and various, various kinds of metal halide lamps the corresponding electrical and lighting circuit requirements is just not exactly the same, common lighting circuit shown in figure, metal halide lamps can’t be like high pressure sodium lamp that a sorts of metal halide lamp lighting for various lines. Lighting circuit configuration will not be sensible could make the lamp won’t do the job, or shorten the support lifestyle from the lamp, the damage to electric appliances and lighting metal halide lamps in the discharge tube to points, you can find two types of short arc (spherical) and long arc (VVM), the volume of spherical metal halide lamps can be created very small, that’s uncomplicated to put in inside a compact sort of lamps and lanterns. Commonly high intensity gasoline discharge lamp while in the electrode right after aging may perhaps rectifying impact, primarily for spherical discharge tube lighting, during the lighting circuit appear rectifying result of lighting, will lead to the failure of ballast, the current flowing in the circuit, overheating of your ballast burned. Typically tiny power metal halide lamp generally with spherical discharge tube production, so lighting lines ought to be protecting device, generally employed have two methods: in the beginning the mercury ballast installed thermal relay safety, the second is in lighting circuit connected in series a slow fuse fuse, the fuse capability is two times on the rated current.

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