Does the fluorescent lamp mercury harm us?

Brilliant lights, Ambilight, like a dolphin bright artificial sun, according to white nights such as day, lengthen the activity time of the individuals dwell and operate. With the same time, the possible of mercury pollution quietly to your people’s side. The electric light source containing mercury fluorescent lamp, high-pressure mercury lamp, neon lights, and so forth.. Among the most widespread could be the fluorescent lamp. To start with, the obtain of new lamps and lanterns, invest in a bend to not get, acquire fine to not buy. The so-called bend, is actually a compact fluorescent lamp; the so-called fine, refers on the smaller diameter fluorescent lamp. Is explained, need to opt for the reduced mercury articles or mercury no cost solutions. The former, such because the compact type fluorescent light fixtures, tube diameter fluorescent lamps,
fluorescent lamps of solid mercury amalgam or mercury capsules; the latter as strong light supply white light-emitting diodes, white LED. According to reports, the atmospheric mercury diffusion only use liquid mercury 1/5-1/10 fluorescent lamp with amalgam soon after crushing. The 2 is once the fluorescent lamp is the use of scrap, do not arbitrarily break. Try out to adequately and sent them towards the recycling or disposal unit. Three is within the fluorescent lamp appear accidentally broken, open the door and window ventilation, and speedily left the room. When necessary, is usually in accordance with the emergency disposal with the emergency disposal technique once the leakage of mercury.

1st of all, we need to raise the articles of mercury in our solutions, wellness and natural environment, along with the utilization of the use, substitute, the focus of the waste time and so forth. Ought to as soon as possible to adjust their product or service construction, working with amalgam and mercury capsules mercury reduction technology, and further the development and mass production of mercury absolutely free of new light supply, this kind of as white LED. Compared with the conventional liquid method of mercury and amalgam and mercury pill engineering might be really exact control of each branch tube of mercury content, greatly minimizing the harm of production during the system of escaping from mercury vapor of infusion of employees exposed to mercury, but additionally reduces the mercury solutions to customers as well as natural environment pollution. The white LED, which is generally known as the second lighting engineering because the invention on the electric light bulb, is really a white, as a result of distinct light emitting mechanism, no want to include mercury inside the production method, so getting rid of the pollution of mercury. Producers also can from engineering option to implement their items substitute office constructing, guesthouse, restaurant, gymnasium, street lamps and other focused to the utilization of fluorescent lamp and large stress mercury lamp units) of establishing recycling gadget, waste containing mercury lamp recycling.

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