How does the high pressure sodium lamp operate?

High pressure sodium lamp can be a really substantial luminous efficiency in the light supply, its efficiency is usually as much as a hundred LM / W, sodium lamp is divided into two types of higher pressure and lower stress sodium lamp. A discharge tube manufactured of a distinctive glass is produced of a exclusive glass from the glass case, as well as the tube is full of an ideal volume of sodium, mercury drop and inert gasoline, the discharge tube along with the glass shell are pumped into a vacuum to reduce the influence with the ambient temperature over the lamp. Minimal strain sodium lamp amplitude injection soft yellow light, it could possibly be divided into two varieties of DC and AC, the luminous efficiency than incandescent lamp high more than ten instances, can penetrate through the smoke, suitable as lighting in place to smoke extra, also can do polarimeter, Polarimeter, refraction currently optical instruments such as monochromatic light supply, the lamp discharge tube general business development and narrow the U shape, the temperature to remain at all over 270 degrees, sodium vapour 5 Torr, so employing a coated with infrared reflective movie coat. And vacuum, to be able to lessen the discharge loss. Sodium beneath 98 degrees is strong, its vapor stress is extremely lower, is not really straightforward to generate discharge arc, in order to make the lamp commencing voltage reduction, in the discharge tube filled with neon, and mixed with significantly less than 1% argon, despite the fact that argon micro, but can make the lamp beginning voltage lowered by about 50%. As a result of large temperature of the chemical response of sodium vapor is incredibly robust, could be corrosive to most varieties of glass.

So the glass wall from the discharge tube is covered by using a layer of sodium glass layer. In addition the discharge tube may also be used with high temperature sodium isn’t going to reflect the translucent or transparent alumina ceramics created of corundum. The basic structure of high pressure sodium lamp, primarily composed of filaments, bimetal thermal relay, discharge tube, glass shell, composition, place appliances created of translucent polycrystalline alumina ceramic, full of mercury and mercury sodium agent, can develop extremely large strain mercury vapor, filament by a tungsten filament produced spiral or woven into the form of a specified quantity of alkaline earth metal oxides is usually stored, once the heating filament, alkaline earth metal oxide emission of electrons. The position of double metal is: once the lamp is connected to a energy supply, latest through the ballast, thermal resistance, double metal tablets to form passageway, thermal resistance heating, double metal pieces are disconnected, immediate self induction electromotive force generated from the ballast to inner tube of inert gasoline ionization discharge, temperature, Mercury also with gasification discharge as well as sodium a gasoline discharge light 3, metal halide lamp metal halide lamp mostly count on metal halide as a luminescent materials, metal halide inside the form of reliable presence while in the lamp. Hence, a compact volume of hydrogen ignited gas or xenon lamp should be filled, in order that light bulb.

The lamp is ignited, the first work while in the state of minimal stress arc discharge lamp, bipolar voltage is extremely very low at this time, about 18 ~ 20V, the light output is little, then the key production of heat, to ensure that the entire physique heating lamp, metal halide lamp is launched with all the maximize of temperature to evaporate, grow to be metal halide vapor, the heat convection effect next, proceed to flow for the arc center, component on the metal halide arc was 5500 ~ 6000K large temperature decomposition, a metal atom plus the halogen atom, underneath the action of the electric area, the metal atoms are energized; another aspect in the metal halide cannot be decomposed by electric arc of substantial temperature, substantial temperature and electrical discipline within the dual function, directly stimulate the formation of molecular light is often a xenon lamp

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