The installation the mercury lamps and ballast

Install wiring, have to be clear from the external high pressure mercury lamp ballast, self-ballast. High pressure mercury lamp ballast, ballast electrical power has to be with high pressure mercury lamp electrical power, we must install the ballast in the vicinity from the fixture body can not touch the place, and is beneficial to the heat dissipation as well as rain. Self ballasted variety high pressure mercury lamp ballast isn’t going to have access. High pressure mercury lamp in the vertically set up, it’s advisable, when installed horizontally, the luminous flux output (brightness) to cut back 7%, and easy to self destruct.

The glass shell is high temperature high pressure mercury lamp radiation must be put in so fantastic. Otherwise it will impact the performance and life with the lamp. Outdoors the glass shell with the high pressure mercury lamp broken can still shine, when looked at the ultraviolet radiation, unsafe to your human body. So HPML broken glass shell should be replaced promptly. The supply voltage on the high pressure mercury lamp should be stored steady. When the voltage is decreased by 5% lights might be suicide, and re start off burning to get a long time, so high pressure mercury lamp isn’t going to immediately within the electrical power fluctuations greater lines. Otherwise, really should be taken into consideration to modify the strain or voltage regulators.

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