Abnormal state safety circuit for electronic ballast

Electronic ballast commonly employs LC series resonant mode, when the lamp is not started out, the start out of the capacitor at both ends of your 700V to create a peak higher voltage get started fluorescent lamp. This circuit is easy and useful, but once the fluorescent tubes appear abnormal phenomenon (including light tube leakage, light aging, and so on.), the higher voltage with the lamp tube can’t be begun. This state is equivalent towards the ballast load open circuit, along with the characteristics of the LC series resonant circuit, the resonant capacitor ends, not simply proceed to provide 700V over the open circuit peak voltage, as well as the circuit on the electronic ballast latest as much as 1A above).

Continuous open circuit voltage spikes extremely quick to lead to the ballast power triode tube breakdown, and substantial resonant latest will trigger the power transistor tube overload burned so reliably function to guarantee the security of electronic ballasts needs to be set the abnormal state safety circuit for rapid and reliable. The fundamental manage principle from the abnormal state safety circuit is once the lamp is abnormal, the safety circuit is rapid and accurately, the ballast circuit or the electrical power supply on the most important circuit is closed.

We also have as similar solutions on the market to the merchandise and abnormal safety T5 lamp just isn’t set up, the rate may be the market place to about good quality assurance:The lamp ensure 1 yr,The ballast assure three many years.

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