What’s the High-frequency induction lamp?

High-frequency induction lamp is a substantial frequency plasma with no pole electromagnetic discharge induction lamp, it truly is primarily based over the fluorescent lamp gasoline discharge and large frequency electromagnetic induction two well-known principle of a new kind of light supply, is the “green lighting” in twenty-first Century, the latest application technology. Given that there exists no filament and electrode from the light bulb, there is no necessary component to limit the lifestyle in the light supply, and also the typical lifestyle can reach tens of thousands of hours.

Doing work principle: the regular electric light source whether incandescent lamp or a low-pressure fuel discharge lamp, is composed of the glass tube as well as a filament electrical power filaments into lighting conversion of solar energy. The large frequency and large frequency electromagnetic power is coupled towards the light bulb from the substantial frequency electromagnetic power, which causes the fuel inside the bulb to type a plasma, as well as the enthusiastic atoms return for the ground state once the ultraviolet light emitting 245nma.Since it is not really essential for standard electrical light source filament or electrodes, so-called electrodeless lamp; generally a low-pressure gas discharge frequency with no frequency electrodeless lamp utilized for two.5 ~ 3.0MHz, that’s, substantial frequency no lamp working frequency than ordinary incandescent lamps and each day use of inductance type fluorescent lamp, metal halide lamp, substantial strain sodium lamp and lamp for that operating frequency (50Hz) larger than 5 million to six million times. Around 250 times greater than the ordinary energy-saving lamps and electronic ballasts working frequency (thirty ~ 60KHZ)

Power conserving: compared with incandescent lamps, power saving up to 75%, 85W high-frequency no pole lamp luminous flux and 500W incandescent light flux of approximately exactly the same; 85W electrodeless lamp also can be 170W metal halide lamp, alternative 250W high strain sodium lamp, during the problem of your similar visual effect, thorough energy-saving greater than 70%. From the very same number of situations, the usage of a non – pole lamp could make the output circuit of your latest diminished by 4 instances, the capacity of your transformer is also tremendously lowered

Resulting from substantial frequency and reduced frequency, it’s the advantages of any kind of electric light source. It could possibly be widely made use of in urban road lighting, landscape lighting, factory, school, library, greenhouse, plant, hall, hall, conference room, gymnasium, stadium, sports activities discipline, railway station, railway station, subway station, railway station, and so on.

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