LED tubes exchange the energy saving lamps

The energy saving bulbs, often known as for energy saving lamps, electronic lighting, compact type fluorescent lamp and the integral variety fluorescent lamp, containing a lamp, electronic ballast and the lamp tube, along with the and also the lamp in lousy Qi structure is can’t be disassembled. Energy saving lamp is in fact a sort of compact, light using a ballast.

A), working principle: energy-saving lamps lit when initial passes as a result of the electronic ballast for lamp filament heating, the beginning in the filament emission electron (as a result of filament painted several electronic powder), electron collision filling within the lamp of argon atoms, argon atom collision gains vitality strikes the interior of mercury atoms and mercury atoms in absorbing vitality transitions of ionization, the tube in a plasma state. The 2 ends of the tube are immediately via the plasma state and emit ultraviolet, ultraviolet light emitting phosphors

B), rewards: compact framework, little size, higher luminous efficiency, save energy; can right substitute incandescent light bulbs; longer existence

C). disadvantages: start slowly in the energy-saving lamp, see factors badly discolored; within the shade in the workplace not using energy-saving lamps; using energy-saving lamps ballast during the instantaneous pressure generated, possess a specific degree of electromagnetic radiation, infringement to the human entire body has uncertainty; energy-saving lamps have to have to add unusual earth fluorescent powder, as a consequence of radioactive rare-earth fluorescent powder itself, energy-saving lamps will produce ionizing radiation (i.e. radiology and nuclear radiation), the extra of Radiology and nuclear radiation could have around the human body harm summary: energy-saving lamp is extensively utilized in our country every family, for our lifestyle brought numerous practical, but its shortcomings also cannot be ignored. For those who do not attempt to innovate and right deficiencies, will inevitably encounter the fate of getting eliminated one, LED lamp light – emitting diode is usually a sort of electrical power is converted into noticeable light of strong state semiconductor products, which might be immediately converted into electricity to light.

D), the functioning principle: by the voltage is going to be added around the both ends with the LED junction, make the PN junction itself to type a degree (actually, is really a series of degree) and electron during the degree of leap alter and develop photons to emit light of rewards: power conserving; prolonged daily life; straightforward to transport; no stroboscopic, pure DC operation, getting rid of the visual fatigue caused by the classic strobe light, green and environmental safety. No lead, mercury as well as other pollution components, about the atmosphere with no any pollution, affect resistance, anti mine resistant, no ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation. No filament and glass shell, no fragmentation with the standard lamp, on the human entire body no harm, no radiation; common lamp can be immediately substitute present halogen, incandescent lamp, fluorescent light fixture, high color rendering index, good shade.

Summary: it is actually clear that provided that the price of LED lights with all the continuous improvement from the LED technology as well as the LED market place features a unified conventional, energy-saving lamps and incandescent lamps will probably be replaced by LED lamps.

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