Outdoor lighting business model

A lot of residential utilization of outside lighting (according on the tree lamp, backyard lamp, landscape lamp, floor lamp and so forth) are 220V large strain lamp. In situation of leakage or harm is simple to harm persons, and the relative is abroad in this regard is considerate, outdoor lights, largely by way of a step-down transformer the manage within the human safety voltage, so as to make sure the safety. Global brand names are essentially concentrated inside the following types of outside lamps and lanterns from the product or service group, is a large-scale growth and is put right into a global business applications:

a), fashion business desk lamp, from the area of office lighting style will be the most wanted luxury, lamps and lanterns profits are higher and need help of lighting design master;
b), wash wall lamp, in which the Philips only in the wall lamp single products within the aggressive advantage has been far past any competitors!
c) shade, buried lights, underwater lights, has practically 10 many years of prosperous use of shade LED background;
d), landscape style city footpath lights, the market in China is still a blank, the authentic park lamp design center has the latest study success is often utilized for lighting production enterprises rapidly transformed to attract the eye of landscape kind city footpath lights.

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