High pressure sodium lamp electronic ballast attributes

Within the energy provide along with the high voltage sodium lamp and also other gas placed among the lamp overall substitution magnetic ballast, set off, compensation capacitor device, its set up and use much more hassle-free, energy-saving impact is improved (magnetic ballast power saving 80% much more compared to the), in open lamp or even the lamp circuit in line existing is immediately decreased to zero, high-pressure sodium lamp electronic ballasts is not going to damage nor for fuse triggered large place lights, as well as has no stroboscopic, no noise, silent resonance frequency, the use of lengthy life and various positive aspects in contrast with the present system.

To conquer the over active electrical ballast consumed 20%; conquer the reactive energy loss on account of ballast energy issue brought about by the very low 60% (or line loss); to conquer the electromagnetic interference produced by conduction magnetic ballast over the grid atmosphere pollution; pollution from the environment to overcome the magnetic ballast created by AC Weng sound to overcome the magnetic ballast; once the lights go out instantaneous 5-15 minutes to re light the outward; conquer some set off pulse large voltage injury towards the lamp and ballast daily life; overcomes the down sides of magnetic ballast starting up existing higher compared to the working recent to shorten the existence of the bulb; conquer the open lamp, lamp ballast ills brief Louis injury; to conquer the ballast as a result of very low power aspect working present, set up with wire diameter to 3-4 occasions triggered through the substantial engineering expense burden; conquer the ballast set up complexity, workload evaluation market place a great deal trouble

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