Ways to opt for the LED bright flashlight?

Aluminum shell: aluminum alloy shell, not rust, usually do not fade, exceptional texture, beautiful and fashionable slip silicone deal with office: flashlight wrapped having a layer of diamond anti-skid silica gel, make your grip additional comfortable, protected 5 Watt LED light source: flashlight with LED lamp because the luminous body, power of five watts, 40 bright light M: irradiation distance with spotlight surface is very concentrated, even in the 40 meters outside the object, also visible continual existing regulator circuit: continuous present regulator circuit specially created, use the brightness in the light flashlight guarantee stability, visual comfort Magnifier Lamp: lamp with a magnifying glass function, convenient for you to adjust the brightness and flashlight the breadth, light and comfortable uniform tough: high brightness LED lamp, with anti vibration, anti effect functionality, use time much more than 100000 hours, pretty much never damage the security standard solutions: portable top quality protective bag, within the protection in the torch at the exact same time, you could be hassle-free to carry,LED vibrant flashlight will be the finest assistant of one’s outdoor travel.

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