How does the solar street lamp works?

Solar panel is the core part of the solar street lamp, and it truly is also probably the most beneficial a part of the solar power. The function is to convert the radiation on the sun towards the electric energy, or for the storage of your battery. You will find three types of solar cells, for instance single crystal silicon solar cells, polycrystalline silicon solar cells and amorphous silicon solar cells. In the east on the sun, the solar cell is very good, and also the solar cell is better, for the reason that the solar cell production approach is reasonably straightforward, the price is reduced than the single crystal.

Within the rainy days, the sun isn’t fairly adequate within the south, the use of single crystal silicon solar cells, simply because the overall performance parameters in the single crystal silicon solar cells are fairly steady. Amorphous silicon solar cell inside the outdoor sunshine is insufficient, mainly because the amorphous silicon solar battery of solar light illumination specifications is reasonably low because of the input power of solar photovoltaic energy generation system is very unstable, so the general require to configure battery program to work. Lead-acid batteries, Ni-Cd batteries, Ni-H batteries. The selection of battery capacity in general to follow the following principles: very first of all inside the premise that could meet the evening lighting, the power in the daytime, the solar battery element as stored, but also able to satisfy continuous overcast and rainy evening lighting electrical energy storage. Battery capacity is as well small can not meet the desires on the night lighting, the battery is as well substantial, around the a single hand, the battery is often in a state of loss, affecting the battery life, though causing waste. The battery need to be matched together with the solar cell and electric load (street lamp). Can be employed to figure out the relationship amongst them.

The solar cell power must be 4 times larger than the load power, the technique can operate ordinarily. The voltage of your solar battery for the operating voltage of 20~30% battery more than, in order to make certain the regular battery charged. The storage battery capacity have to be 6 occasions higher than the load daily consumption is suitable.

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