How to get the dwelling decorating light fixture?

a), lamps and lighting fixtures of electric shock safety won’t meet the normal necessities. Protection against electric shock is surely an significant index in evaluation of security properties of lamps and lanterns, national normal, lamps and lanterns inside the regular installation, wiring, substitute the lamp, substitute the starter, cannot touch the reside parts. For example: common fluorescent lamp parts the lamp plug or unplug the lamp holder, lamp holder must be able to supply safety against electric shock. There are 21 varieties of products in this sample against electric shock protection will not be experienced. The key cause is the lamp holder can not give adequate protection against electrical shock, once the lamp pins are inserted into or pulled out of the lamp holder, charged pins of electrical shock danger, lamp base to not safety towards electrical shock

b), the sturdiness of the lamp is not competent. Lamp sturdiness check is rated lighting fixtures in usual function inside the anticipated time of big security projects and regular necessity is: after the check, lamps shall not be unsafe; any portion in the lamp shall not fail; luminaire marker need to be clearly noticeable. The spot checks of 16 sorts of solution sturdiness of your undertaking is not competent. Principal purpose is utilized inside the fluorescent lamp inductance ballast and electronic ballast with no abnormal state protection measures, under abnormal conditions, ballast instantly injury or burn up the lamp isn’t going to continue to implement the

c), harassment voltage exceeding the prescribed specifications. National standard needs during the frequency vary from 9kHz to 30MHz, the frequency on the disturbance created by the lamp need to be under 110dB V ~ 56dB ~ V, the common value with the disturbance voltage ought to be less than 46dB V ~ 56dB V. You will discover 10 kinds of solutions inside the electronic ballast in the disturbance voltage exceeds the conventional limit worth. The usage of disturbance voltage exceeds the restrict worth of lamps and lanterns, will immediately have an effect on the surrounding broadcast television getting impact and instrumentation from the typical perform to the sampling final results, throughout the quality and technology supervision departments to strictly in accordance using the provisions of the item good quality law and various related laws and regulations, to the spot checks of the high quality with the items failed enterprises investigated and dealt with in accordance with law. And urge enterprises to rectification; within the spot checks of goods with improved high-quality items and their manufacturing enterprises, to intensify propaganda. On the identical time, urge enterprises to significantly examine the related national specifications, and market the general good quality level of fixed lamps and lanterns goods industry to enhance ways to purchase a fixed design ceiling lamps

Fixed ceiling ceiling lamp is household, workplace, entertainment together with other places usually pick lamps and lanterns, on the time of invest in ought to initially take into consideration the safety and excellent of lamps and lanterns, and in accordance with the space size, height and functions of elements to take into consideration when picking 1, in a massive retailer, obtain a “three packs of” dedication for the solutions of pick and acquire, CCC certification mark lamp two, if you want to get three. A look in the item identification is full, frequent solution identification is often far more standardized, should be identified: trademark and factory title, product or service form specs, rated voltage, rated frequency, rated electrical power. Two see the lamp power line would be the CCC security certification mark, the external conductor cross-sectional place should be higher than or equal to 0.75mm2. Third, look on the lamps and lanterns charged entire body is exposed, the light source to the lamp holder, the fingers should not touch live metal cap 3, larger anti electric shock safety classes.

In accordance with the protection of electric shock, the major with the ceiling lamp can be divided into 0 classes, I, II and III. The poor security of 0 types of lamps, must attempt to select the I class, class II and III 0 lamp lamps are to depend on basic insulation like a protection against electrical shock, within the event of failure of primary insulation, protection towards electric shock vulnerable to the risk of electrical shock kind I lamp not just rely on essential insulation, but in addition includes extra safety measures, that is definitely easy to touch the conductive elements linked to your grounding safety wire, to ensure the conductive components accessible grounding symbol grounding terminal from the essential insulation failure isn’t attributable to charged I lamp side, it needs to be mentioned that, the metal shell I lamp must be properly grounded, if might be reached for the lamp ballast, ballast productive grounding type lamp protection towards electric shock not only to rely on basic insulation, and has extra safety measures, for example double or reinforced insulation, in case of failure of basic insulation, but additionally depend over the protection of insulation. Plastic casing from the lamp is usually 0 class or class II, the very best get class II luminaire, class II lamp with symbol class III of lamp safety towards electric shock relies on energy security more minimal voltage and within the lamp doesn’t develop voltage greater than the security added reduced voltage

d), the use of lamps and lanterns:
Soon after you bought the Lamps, you’ll want to thoroughly read through the marker lamps and go through the installation directions, in accordance using the guidelines to put in the lamp, in line with the directions from the use of principles use the lamps and lanterns in line with mark the supply parameters timely replacement of aging of your lamp, redness of your the two ends from the lamp really should be timely replacement of lamp, framework for stopping ballast burn insecurity in cleaning and maintenance should really spend consideration to, tend not to adjust the lamp, will not just replacing the lamp elements, in cleaning and upkeep just after the end of, should really according to the sample luminaire shall be put in, don’t drain set up, mistaken installation lighting components.

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