The best way to modify the fluorescent lamp ballast?

1 day, in the home the fluorescent light fixture is terrible, my wife urged. I went to the industry to purchase a daylight lamp, modified,but even now not bright, modify towards the shade below check, identified that electronic ballast is broken, the ballast invested two years.

I open the ballast to analyze circuit,and observed that I understand electronic knowledge is as well minimal, for electronic ballast circuit this easy but do not pretty have an understanding of, noticeable everyone know awareness is as well narrow, truly is need to have never also previous to find out, modest, constant discovering can not be left behind while in the era of science and engineering, so I chose to to study, and publish them down and share with absolutely everyone.

The common progress of fluorescent starter from the circuit is equivalent to a switch capacitor so as to eradicate the power on the electromagnetic interference and also the formation of oscillation circuit, enhance startup when the pulse voltage, the day light accessibility circuit, a glow commencing device two electrode voltage discharge to produce glow, the bimetallic strip is heated and curved plus the static contact, and power source, ballast, lamp filament and glow commencing device to kind a loop, as well as present on the filament glows when conducting 2, 3 seconds, double metal cooling fins and a static get in touch with, disconnected, the circuit recent suddenly disappeared.

So the ballast to produce a substantial voltage pulse, it using the power supply voltage is superimposed, extra towards the two ends with the lamp tube, the gasoline while in the lamp tube under the action of high temperature and substantial stress ionization and conduction, gas conduction, issued ultraviolet irradiation of the fluorescence powder, soft light. magnetic coil ballast current adjustments and coil in the magnetic flux improvements, the induced electromotive force, the path as well as the current in the opposite direction, so the principle of inductance ballast and secure doing work current of electronic ballast is in connection using the circuit moments, on both ends from the lamp tube creates a large voltage pulse, the lamp while in the inert fuel ionization induced by arc discharge.

1) Electronic ballast during the value, volume, fat, effectiveness, energy conserving is better than the inductive ballast, but existence is not really as inductive ballast;
two) 40W ballasts can’t begin 20W fluorescent lamp, and 20W ballast can start 40W fluorescent lamp, but not to get a long time for you to use fluorescent lamp starter mounted within the small capacitor and leap bulb along with a branch.

The capacitor is connected in parallel, plus the capacitance is between 0.005 f ~ 0.01 f. One of its function would be to eradicate the interference of close by radio gear; the second is because of the oscillating circuit formed from the capacitor magnetic ballast and delay the cathode preheating time and pulse probable, have for the lamp to begin. You will find two electrodes in the bubble, the electrode of a U shaped double metal electrode is movable, plus the other electrode is static contact. Applying their automatic switching perform and also the functioning characteristics from the inductive ballast, the lamp cathode is ignited immediately after the discharge is ignited. High quality prerequisites, environmental temperature at twenty DEG C of 4 seconds inner take-off, applying existence of not less than 5000 electronic ballast devoid of starter, during the energy-saving lamps, the present cost than fluorescent ballast low cost note: in the event the two ends from the filament on the lamp light and fluorescent lamps couldn’t be lit, for inductive ballast fluorescent lamp, main cause is starter is usually a parallel capacitor short-circuit, is usually eliminated soon after the consider might also double sheet metal ineffective; for electronic ballast of fluorescent lamp. The main reason is that series from the filament loop resonant capacitor quick circuit. If the two ends on the filament is vibrant and the frequency on the device moves regularly, the lamp can’t be ignited, then it could be the lamp aging, you’ll be able to see the filament is vivid red, the tube ends burn up to black.

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