How does a fluorescent light ballast work?

When set up the energy, the starter sheet metal is not really closed, the mercury lamp was not fired up, the lamp within a large impedance state, AC220V voltage utilized towards the ends of all metal piece starter, and starter in inert gas is ionized, develop glow discharge, heat producing glow discharge, leading to double sheet metal deformation open closed bimetal closed starter while in the lamp tube, the filament latest via the filament, heating, filament cathode electronic Kai bimetal starter from the closed, there is no voltage at both ends, the inert gas stop glow discharge, end heat, double metal sheet temperature decreases (note, the temperature increased the key explanation will be the double glow discharge, soon after the closure in the recent by means of the metal sheet, will make heat, however the heat, not ample to retain the temperature), contact separation starter bimetal electrical shock after the separation, due to a sudden power,the fluorescent ballast generate potential anti substantial, the counter electromotive force and power superposition utilized at both ends from the lamp.

The electrons produced by the filament cathode are rapid moving at high voltage through the minimal likely for the substantial likely. During the system of acceleration, the inert gas within the tube is rapidly ionized. Inert gas ionization heat, heat the mercury vapor, coupled with mercury vapor was ionized, in addition to a powerful ultraviolet radiation. During the ultraviolet ray by the fluorescent powder coated about the wall in the tube, a visible light is emitted. Various fluorescent powder can emit noticeable light with unique colors if the inductance ballast generated EMF can not effectively lit fluorescent lamps. The above approach will be repeated, till to lighten the lamp or even the filament broken fluorescent lamp light, functioning voltage is about 110V, Kai Hui and fluorescent lamps are connected in parallel, equal voltage, voltage of 110V to ionization internal inert gas, will not be closed once more. Inductance ballast as a result of stable voltage, at the two ends of the voltage of approximately 110. From the circuit has latest limit / antihypertensive impact of 220V / 50Hz alternating present by means of a rectifying element variable to DC and DC electrical power by way of the inverter unit variable 20kHz ~ 50KHz alternating latest, an inductor L and a capacitor C kind resonator resonant single component in the resonant frequency and inverter unit creates alternating present frequency the identical capacitor C linked in parallel with all the tube, the tube can be equivalent to a resistor R.

During the energy in the moment, the lamp light, its resistance worth is quite huge, R and C in parallel is equivalent to only C capacitor. So, l, C resonance, at each ends of your capacitor C create high strain, large voltage as a result of the filament to type a loop, heating filament, filament cathode made electronic, electronic under the action of strain potential from low finish to higher potential finish rapidly motion. While in the system of acceleration, the inert gasoline in the tube is quickly ionized. Inert gasoline ionization heat, heat the mercury vapor, in addition to mercury vapor was ionized, and a powerful ultraviolet radiation. In the ultraviolet by means of coated over the tube wall on the fluorescent powder and emit noticeable light lamp light, the lamp tube equivalent resistance R decreases, R and C parallel equivalent to only the resistance R, so, LC series resonant circuit variable for that LR series circuit, resonant, l latest limiting / antihypertensive result, the lamp tube steady luminescence inductance ballast electrical power element is low, about about 0.four ~ 0.six, resulting in significant quantities of reactive energy increases the lighting circuit present and transformer capacity, thereby drastically expanding the line and transformer losses, also enhanced the power reduction, lessen the high-quality of lighting, also to the grid operation pose a risk for the fluorescent lamp ballast common electrical power issue is not an electronic ballast inherent characteristics, but simply because of electronic ballast required for harmonic suppression, the general utilization of energetic energy filter along with the harmonic suppression and reactive power compensation. If your inductance ballast employs the exact same technologies to compensate, the same can reach a high power issue. To the contrary, in case the electronic ballast will not require to perform the required reactive energy compensation and harmonic suppression, because of the existence from the harmonic, the energy element can not be really high, plus the harmonic pollution is far more compared to the core ballast.

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