What is the Tri-proof light?

Tri-proof light belongs towards the floodlight fixture, the anti-corrosion, waterproof, anti oxidation properties, it truly is named the “three proofings lamp”, then 3 proofings lamp 1 of a type performance, Till now what kind of lighting will be the most acceptable for environment.

With this query, I devoted for the analysis of the JAMES 2X36W three proofings lamp, as follows:
Multi – channel seismic structure and integrated design to create positive its long-term safety in high frequency and multi – frequency vibration atmosphere.Higher strength alloy shell, distinct surface coating and sealing treatment, is generally made use of inside the greater temperature and humidity and all sorts of corrosive atmosphere, and so forth

Use of sophisticated energy-saving lamp provide, higher luminous efficiency, lengthy life of 50000 hours; power element higher than 0.eight, luminous efficiency, pretty good light transmittance.Transparent a part of the usage of sophisticated lighting optical principle of optimization design and style and style, uniform light, soft, no glare, no heavy shadow, proficiently stay clear of the constructing workers to produce discomfort and fatigue.Lamp, ceiling sort at the same time as the type and so on quite several sorts of installation, adapt to diverse lighting wants at the scene.

The anti-corrosion, waterproof, anti oxidation remedy, Tri-proof light applicable as a floodlight on railway, electric energy, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical engineering and several sorts of plant, workshop, stations and large facilities, venues in addition to other locations.

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