The best way to decide on the Grille fluorescent light fixture?

The grille fluorescent light fixture size as beneath:
two * 14W, two * 21W, three * 14W, three * 21W:600*600mm
two * 28W, 3 * 28W:600*1200mm

The price of lighting is definitely the price tag of electricity and light. The main aspect in the price is dependent upon the energy consumption of the light bulb. Beijing Lighting Electric Appliance Association professional told reporters, in actual fact, every single of the eighty % to eighty-eight yuan of income is spent on electrical energy consumption. As a result, for your unit or family to save the cost of lighting, probably the most scientific way is always to buy the most effective use of energy-saving lamps solutions. Despite the fact that the price tag of energy-saving lamps is more costly than the standard incandescent bulbs, but numerous examples show that, so long as the election towards the higher quality energy-saving lamps, the investment is not more than three months to acquire a return on how you can select the higher top quality energy-saving lamps.

Light effect on the luminous efficiency, luminous flux emitted by indicates of a light supply and the electric energy consumption ratio. Obtainable lumens per watt number or LM / W mentioned (flux: refers towards the light supply within the unit time issued by the amount of light, it is actually brightness from the crucial indicators to measure the light, LM). When compared with energy-saving lamps and ordinary light, luminous efficiency enhanced about 5-6 occasions, for instance 11W energy-saving lamps of luminous flux is 60W incandescent, lengthy life.

The so-called life refers to a completed lamp from the lamp to burn or lamp to function to decrease than the normal specified life functionality of any of your requirements in the cumulative time. Ordinary incandescent light bulb for 1000 hours, energy-saving lamp life is generally 5000 hours three
A variety of light sources will show unique light colors. We made use of colour rendering index CRI to ascertain its variety from 0 to one hundred. The color of your incandescent lamp plus the sunlight within the daytime is 100. Show index directly reflects the color of light, the higher the color index, the colour of your object in which the object could be definitely reflected. Around the contrary, it is going to make the object color distortion. Commonly speaking, the colour index of the light is greater than 75, can truly reflect the color of your object and not distortion. The colour index of three uncommon earth phosphor energy-saving lamp is about 80RA, than the ordinary fluorescent lamp colour considerably enhanced. If use low-cost halogen powder as raw material, quick of this effect 4 small size, wonderful shape, effortless to make use of.

As the energy-saving lamps possess a higher power load, so it can be the size of smaller and beautiful, but additionally features a better decorative impact. The integration of energy-saving lamps lamp specifications use condition and ordinary lighting is fundamentally the same, so it might be straight used as substitute from the ordinary lighting, its large market place capacity, and uncomplicated popularization and application. Is often said to energy-saving lamps around the fluorescent lamp electrical energy, long-life and incandescent lamp has the advantages of compact volume, great colour, straightforward to work with, conscience is the typical modern interior lighting in the light source, a recommendation on the international green lighting goods, massive prospective market place and development prospect of distinguish trichromatic lamp and halogen lights powder.

1. The tricolor energy-saving lamps, the look is exquisite, plastic components are made of high temperature flame retardant supplies made of; and halogen lights powder technique of fake and shoddy items, the appearance of rough, uncomplicated circuit, inferior components. What’s far more plastic components usually are not flame retardant, use threat massive.

two. The tricolor energy-saving lamps, lit within a handful of minutes to attain normal brightness, bright and soft; and powder halogen lights a by electrical energy, brightness reached peak worth fundamentally, low brightness, colour blue, looked pale and weak.

three. Introduce a simple identification system, light trichromatic lamps shone in the palm of the hand, palm is ruddy color; in line with the exact same halogen lights powder within the palm on the hand is blue, no redness in the skin.

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