What’s the LED light bulb?

LED light bulb (LED) is a new sort of energy conserving lamp to the conventional incandescent light bulb. Is composed of 7 elements of bubbles a ball, which in the top may be the glass cover, the cover is on the base from the card, there exists a hole on the upper surface on the base, pedestal is connected together with the heat conducting seat, the heat conducting seat is connected together with the radiator, is linked with the lamp holder is driving power provide, the light is lamp LED bulb lamp structure on the rather complex and incandescent lamps, standard is a light source, a drive circuit, a cooling device, along with a few of these to create low power consumption, extended existence, high luminous efficiency and environmental safety led ball bubble lamp merchandise.

So the LED lighting goods in at present is still increased technological material of high-tech lighting merchandise as a result of LED ball bubble lamp from the framework to than incandescent complicated, so even though in mass production, products charges will greater than incandescent lamps, at current led ball bubble lamp selling price is increased than the electronic energy-saving lamps. But as an increasing number of individuals know and accept, also since the scale of production slowly spread out, the selling price of LED ball bubble lamp will quickly attain the amount of electronic vitality saving lamps. If at the time of buy money conserving account, you will see that, even though is now higher costs, in a year, the first buy value one yr electrical power to reduce compared to the incandescent lamp and electronic energy-saving lamps. Whilst the present support existence of LED bulb lamp may be as higher as 50000 hours

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