What’s a hid ballast kit

Rapid start hid ballast kit don’t flicker, but they’re not without their drawbacks. Here are two:

175 Watt Mercury Vapor Ballast

Rapid start hid ballast kit are not very energy efficient
Lamps paired with rapid start ballasts will not reliably turn on if they are in sub 50-degree climates, like a freezer room or outside in cold climates
Instant start hid ballast kit
Instant start lamps don’t use a preheating method. Instead, they send a high amount of voltage across the lamp upon the strike.

Typically, instant start hid ballast kit use 1.5-2 watts less per lamp than rapid start ballasts. Instant start lamps also start reliably at temperatures as low as zero degrees.

Programmed start ballasts
It always makes me feel important when I walk into a room and the lights instantly turn on. But you’re really important, or skilled, if you can walk through a room with a programmed start ballast without the lights turning on. That’s when you know you’ve reached James Bond status.

Programmed start HID ballasts are typically paired with occupancy or motion sensors. That way, the ballast maximizes the number of lamp starting cycles while maintaining energy efficiency. Basically, if you turn fluorescent lamps on and off repeatedly under short time spans, you’re actually using more energy than if you had simply left the light on.

If you have a bathroom, or another area where there are several on-off cycles throughout the day, then a programmed start ballast may be the best to pair with your lighting.

Programmed start ballasts are also reliable at low temperatures.

Pulse Start metal halide Lamp ballasts

hid ballast kit for HID Fixture Maintenance
Proper maintenance of any lighting system is essential to maintain levels of illumination necessary for productivity,
merchandising, visual comfort, safety, and security. If an individual component fails and is allowed to remain in the lighting
system, costly damage to other components can result. Major repairs can often be avoided by simple maintenance
procedures and timely attention to small problems, such as replacing burned-out lamps.
Preventing a problem from occurring is more desirable and economical than fixing it later. A scheduled program of preventive maintenance
can save money while maintaining productivity and safety. By using the following maintenance strategies, the ballast will
have a longer, more trouble-free life. There are many lighting maintenance contractors and electrical contractors who can economically
perform a scheduled maintenance program.

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