What’s the mercury vapor lamps?

Mercury Vapor may be the outdoor light with a greenish tinge. MV lamps feature low initial cost, but have larger operating costs then HPS or MH as a consequence of its decrease efficiency (lumens per watt). The clear mercury bulb has a bluish green look and also the Deluxe White includes a larger color rendering. Mercury lamps get dimmer over time and seldom burn out, so it can be smart to replace them and restore light level. Mercury lamps are employed for landscape lighting, dusk to dawn fixtures, roadway, parking lots, floodlight, and security.

A MV lamp consists of a clear quartz arc tube enclosed inside a gas-filled challenging glass outer bulb which my be clear or phosphor-coated. The addition of a phosphor coating to the outer bulb, significantly improves the look and color rendering in the light made. The arc tube includes a little volume of mercury, together with argon gas, which is used to facilitate beginning with the lamps.

America Standard Ballast Technical parameter

Most commonly used in farm lights, fishing piers and mercury vapor ballast. All watts and varieties. Clear or coated£?The advantage of a continuous wattage mercury vapor ballast is the fact that it allows for wide variations in input voltage to affect output wattage by only a few %. These ranges can be customized to meet your applications needs. Standard designs have an output variation of only +/- 3% with an input voltage varying over a array of -15% to +10%. Continuous wattage is accomplished by a resonant tank circuit in which the lamp winding is within a controlled magnetic mercury vapor ballast with AC capacitors, such that voltage swings around the input side possess a quite modest effect on lamp existing. An fascinating feature is the fact that these existing limiting capacitors is usually switched in and out in the circuit to supply different lamp power levels.

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