How to buy 175 watt mercury vapor ballast?

UL mercury vapor ballast match for MV bulbs,the mercury vapor lamp is actually a high intensity discharge lamp. It makes use of an arc through vaporized mercury in a higher pressure tube to create incredibly bright light directly from it’s own arc. This can be various from fluorescents which make use of the mercury vapor arc to make a weaker light that primarily creates UV light to excite the phosphors. The “JAMES” because it is recognized has been a workhorse for society; lighting streets, factories and big regions for more than 25 years.

175 Watt Mercury Vapor Ballasts with UL
Mercury vapor ballasts are available in sizes from 400 watts to 40KW in 50, 60, or 50/60Hz. Normally, input power element is superior than ninety (90%) % at nominal input voltage. mercury vapor ballasts are constructed working with silicon grain oriented steel, UL rated copper wire, UL Class H insulation system and impregnated having a unique epoxy varnish for maximum thermal transfer.

Positive aspects:
Excellent efficiency (lamps right after 1980s possess a high lumen per watt rating)
Colour rendering is greater than that of high pressure sodium street lights
Some lamps final far longer than the 24000 hour mark, occasionally 30 years

175 watt mercury vapor ballast kits to replace existing core and coil ballasts for this well-liked lamp. These are for normal MV175 lamps and have anything you’ll need to replace your mercury vapor ballast and they come in multi-tap voltage of 120, 208, 240 and 277 volt. Though these mercury vapor ballast kits are no longer produced, most of the people are utilizing the metal halide ballast kits for the replacement. It is a approach to retain mercury vapor lamps when you nonetheless want them when the mercury vapor ballast goes out. And you will find particular applications where folks desire to keep their mercury light bulbs in locations such as landscaping for specific sorts of outdoor lighting. This kit is often a comprehensive HID replacement kit including hardware. So if you have old mounts or you may need to alter the mounting inside, you may do that with the incorporated steel that is included in the light kit. Be conscious that you can find a lot of wires to pay focus to, however the schematic can guide your electrician or maintenance particular person to appropriately set up the new mercury vapor ballast. Obviously, lots of of those pros currently understand how to change a mercury vapor ballast, but we make certain that we provide you with everything that could make it probable to have your light up and operating once more. JAMES manufacture the mercury vapor ballasts 25 years, mainly export to North America and South America.

Mercury vapor ballast characteristics:
– Multi-tap 120, 208, 240, 277 volt.
– For standard 175 watt mercury vapor lamps.

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