What is the sodium lamp ignitor?

The electrical schematic ends of double pressure electronic ignitor, its functioning principle is as follows: the electrical power supply voltage during the unfavorable half cycle, the present through the V 1, L 1 and L two to C two charging, with the same time, through the L 1 to C one filling turtle, when the supply voltage reaches the maximum value of 220V * V 2=311V, one and C C two charging voltage is about 300V, due to the one-way conduction properties of V one, U C2 voltage worth stays unchanged, though the U C1 gradually discharge, until the voltage is zero; once the electrical power provide voltage during the constructive half cycle, and by way of L one to L two the quantity of turns ratio is ten: 1, immediately after L one after boosting the output voltage is 3000V, the bulb lit at each ends of double voltage beginning circuit electronic ignitor is easy, because the thyristor latest with temperature is more substantial, the open voltage in excess of a broad assortment of drift dependability variation. It is the early utilization of high-pressure sodium lamp electronic ignitor lately, two-way thyristor tube ignitor typically made use of electrical schematic diagram, its operating principle is as follows: when the provide voltage is half of the week, V2 ignitor conduction, C1 by way of L2 and discharges C2, L2 generate induced electromotive force, the L1 coupling creates a pulse substantial voltage, lighting fire commenced; in electrical power inside the negative half cycle, lighting can nonetheless fire started out 3 terminal electronic ignitor circuit.

Because of the limitations of some events, generally among lighting fixture and hps ballast, ignitor distance is extremely far, resulting in electronic output ignitor pulse voltage reduction during transport towards the lighting, lighting at each ends in the voltage too low and could not commence. It truly is recommended to make use of 3 end sort electronic flip flops and 3 terminal style ballast to begin the circuit, which may improve the electrical circuit as well as the starting characteristic. This circuit functions: it makes use of the ballast inductance coil as a pulse transformer, so that the quantity of inductance increased, the discharge duration is prolonged, is conducive to lighting begin.

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