Tips to set up the indoor lighting fixtures as below:

A). If there are lots of chandelier lamp, in accordance to the design drawings and set up location. Ceiling as steel keel gypsum board fireproof materials when opening direct set up of lamps, wooden framework ceiling must in flip on the light hole for fire insulation

B). Wall lamp, floor lamp, bedside lamp put in in the lamp holder bottom opening height from your ground 1800mm, 300mm, 400mm

C). The lamp, lamp energy provide socket application. 2400mm the next metal shell must be effectively grounded in the protection of 6 lighting lamps must be separately put in switches, mixed lamps might be grouped below handle, in accordance on the need to set up a dual control switch.

D). Bulb capability is reduce than 100W, offered plastic cap, 100W and moisture-proof closed form porcelain lamp lamp

E). The lamp is grounded inside the protection on the lamp. The lamp is always to be grounded and also the washer and spring washer are pressed.

F). All kinds of lamps and lanterns when put in in the flammable parts, need to be effectively ventilated and very well ready for fire heat insulation

G). When the fluorescent lamp (fluorescent lamp) is dark, the add-ons shall be set up during the place for being maintained and maintained.

H). Ordinary ceiling lamp with soft conductor and its suspension, apply only to the fat on the lamp under 1kg, higher than 1kg lamps ought to be the chain

I). Light steel keel ceiling mounted luminaire, can’t make the light steel keel load, exactly where the fat of a lamp in under 3kg who must be installed on the main keel, 3kg and 3kg need to be pre buried iron piece is fixed.

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