How to buy the downlight?

Normally speaking,the recessed downlight, it a lot more decorative,downlight have three dimension,massive (five inches),middle (4 inches) and tiny (two.five inch). A horizontal or vertical lamp plug two, inserted vertically inserted just a little expensive compared to the price. See common downlight are set up inside the ceiling through the ceiling usually application place, the have to have for more than 150mm could be loaded. Naturally you will discover external variety lamp. In no lamps and chandeliers of regional mounted downlight is usually a fantastic preference, light with respect to the spotlight to soft downlight applicable areas: a sizable office, conference space, department merchants and specialty stores, laboratory, airport and some civilian room.

In accordance for the set up points: embedded downlight and set up form lamp holder, according for the lamp set up points: screw cap and also a plug-in lamp, vertical tube lamp and horizontal downlight.
one, the typical family is under two.5 inch downlight, 5W energy-saving lamps over the line
2, led downlight is recently uncovered some, is usually utilised like a substitute for that ordinary lamp light than ordinary, the only drawback is if a terrible 1 or two lights can not be replaced
three, Downlights surface cover supplies is usually divided into a lot of sorts, impartial, pure aluminum, die-casting, such as material, frequently impartial downlight low-priced, pure aluminum and die casting products are far more expensive, but extra sturdy. Engineering is used for impartial downlight, but recommended that Jiezhuang downlight not easy rusty surface cover of the lamp cap is actually a significant hyperlink, holder with the major material is ceramic. Inside the reed would be the most critical, there are two pieces of copper and aluminum, the excellent brand is aluminum sheet to accomplish, and in stage make contact with to install a spring, can enrich sexual make contact with. Also is energy provide line of your lamp cap, the fantastic brand is applying three line wiring cap (3 line is the line of fire, spirit line and ground wire), and a few is going to be which has a wiring terminal, this is actually the distinction between the very good brand and generic brand a really fundamental method of reflector cup common sand cup and cup two. The materials for your aluminum, aluminum is not going to modify colour and reflective is much better. Some compact manufacturers will use plastic spray to do, this new method seems excellent, but over time will darken and in many cases black. The differential method is to see the neat degree of cutting, cutting of aluminum is extremely neat, with all the opposite.

A) compact and high luminous flux. With energy-saving lamp energy consumption is incandescent lamp 1/5, existence is 6 instances incandescent lamp, the dimension of 175 compact design, the suppression with the existence of a lamp, generating a vivid area
B) two kinds of reflective panels having a mirror plus a matte. Bring a mirror reflecting plate light flashes, with reasonable degree of Hui to reconcile the ceiling matte reflection plate
C) employing sliding fixed card, the development is convenient. May be put in over the 3mm to 25mm of various thickness in the ceiling, the maintenance could be extremely practical to remove the lamp
D) energy-saving lamp has 3 kinds of color to select. 2700k (yellow light), 4000K (Zhong Xingguang), 6700k
(white) of the 3 forms, these three sorts of color can generate a unique ambiance. According to different makes use of to select probably the most ideal shade.

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