What’s the three proofing light?

Three proofs: waterproof and dustproof, the three. The protection specifications from the lamps and lanterns are realized by using the special anti – oxidation and anti – corrosion material and also the silica gel sealing ring. The lamp on the circuit manage board for anti-corrosion, waterproof, anti oxidation treatment, for electrical box sealing heat dissipating capacity is weak, intelligent temperature manage 3 proofings lamp specific functioning circuit, minimizing the power converter operating temperature, on higher voltage isolation door Road, connector double insulation remedy, to make sure that the line is protected and trusted. In line with the actual functioning situation with the 3 proofings lamp, on the surface with the lamp box and lamp socket have been Nano Spray moistureproof and anticorrosive processing, to prevent the entry of dust and moisture. Application environment: 3 proofings lamp is normally made use of for sturdy corrosive, extra dust, rain industrial lighting demand for locations, like power plants, iron and steel, petrochemical, shipbuilding, stadiums along with other.

Best mirror 3 proofing light:

First,three proofings lamp, to meet the demand of railway, electric energy, metallurgy, and various kinds of plant, stations and significant facilities, stadiums and other locations, lighting.

Second, the overall performance qualities: light efficiency energy-saving: high efficiency gas discharge light source average service life as much as 20000 hours, eliminating the require for frequent replacement of lighting the troubles and inconvenience. Configuration with the new technology for the usage of energy-saving lamps, compared together with the very same kind of light ballast save 20%, and can achieve continuous current output, greatly enhancing the service life of your lamp. Qualified style: the structure with the whole body, the ray casting is uniform and soft, particularly suitable for all types of higher roof and higher tent in the fixed lighting. The light body is utilised in the seismic material and the shock absorption structure, and can be employed to get a lengthy time inside a selection of higher frequency and sturdy vibration. Protection level: shell protection grade IP65, corrosion protection grade WF2, shell in no way corrosion, never ever rust. Installation: is often employed with the need to make use of the ceiling, ceiling, and also other installation techniques. With higher efficiency gas discharge as a light source, the lamp makes use of the life of 10000 hours or extra, especially for outdoor region of significant area unattended lighting. The use of lightweight alloy material and high-tech spraying technologies, the shell will in no way rust, never corrosion. Inside the light of the internal structure and material double shock absorption, the whole lamp has good seismic functionality. The piping and other new technologies, to ensure that the housing very good integrity, dependable sealing, waterproof and dustproof. Has superior electromagnetic compatibility, won’t trigger electromagnetic interference towards the surrounding atmosphere. The all round temperature in the lamp is low, very good heat dissipation, can lessen the probability of failure. Comply together with the appearance of human nature from the style and color matching, and the natural landscape full harmony, integration

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