Tips on how to set up the lighting fixtures?

Virtually all the customers get the lamps will likely be consulting the installation, always worried about whether the bundle installation, should the service there’s no approach to install the ways to do, the typically made use of lamps and lanterns are crystal lamp, crystal pendant, fluorescent light fixture, marble lamps, we’re focused to your to in accordance to your unique sorts of house lighting set up, chandeliers, ceiling lamps, wall lamps, has its personal set up approach to everyone as under:
(A) set up specifications:
one lamps and add-ons must be full, there should really be no mechanical injury, deformation, paint peeling and lamp cover rupture and other defects

two the load carrying capacity in the fixed element of the wall mounted ceiling mounted light fixture shall be matched with the fat with the lamp

3 the lamp must be equipped with hanging line box, just about every hanging line box can only be set up a set of pendant lamp. The surface on the pendant lamp should be well insulated, and there might not be a joint, as well as wire cross part shall not be much less than 0.4 mm. Inside the wiring box hanging line must be taken to stop thrum stress the lamp drop measures. Weighed over a kilogram of lamps should be organized chain. Once the chandelier lamp excess weight in excess of 3 kg, really should utilize the embedded hook or perhaps a bolt fixed. The chain lamp line should not be topic to tension, and also the lamp wire should be compiled with fork chain

four the incandescent lamp since the light source of ceiling lamp can not be set up right on the flammable element; lighting shall be close to the lampshade; when the lighting and insulation amongst the distance much less than 5 mm, lighting and insulation amongst Taiwan really should take heat insulation measures. The power of an incandescent lamp shall not exceed the maximum energy permitted by the lamp.

5 fluorescent lamp since the light supply, ballast must be installed within the phase, the lamp need to stop lamp foot off shell and keep while in the lamp box inner margin, giant lights plus the frame on the roof decorative lines are parallel, the lamp frame need to be close to the roof surface

6 Light socket ought to be grounded during the center get in touch with terminals, zero line must be grounded about the thread from the terminal, lamp holder in the insulated shell should really be full, no injury and leakage phenomenon

7 fixed lantern hook, its diameter should not be less than the diameter on the lamp along with the lamp hanger, a minimal of not less than six mm

(B) installation system of various lamps:

1: the chandelier set up inside the leading surface in the concrete, the embedded elements, bolts and bolt penetrating tube growth. When putting in the theme along with the fat from the visible light to find out the tube expanding bolt specifications, but the minimum shouldn’t be significantly less than M6 (mm), bull droplight shouldn’t be significantly less than M8 (mm), the quantity of bolts a minimum of less 2 pieces. Light self tapping screws for expanding tubes can not be applied

2 ceiling lamp has a circular, square or rectangular base (chassis), base dimension selection. The base of the lamp can bolt expansion pipe, may also use wood screws in embedded block fastening. In case the holder base diameter more than one hundred mm, will have to use the two screws. In case the base of the lamp is put in, the bolt diameter shall not be much less than 6 mm in diameter. The lamp is usually fixed around the bottom in the machine. The amount of wood screws should not be significantly less than the variety of the lamps.

three: in accordance on the structure on the base wall lamp wall lamp is usually used or no base station base station. Together with the base station really should be fixed base station, then the lamp is fixed to the bottom table. The finish table is usually manufactured of wood, along with the thickness in the board really should be a lot more than 15 mm, and the surface from the paint is painted. Wall lamp installation can use light box installation screw hole into screw to repair the, also may be during the walls with the drilling, pre buried wood blocks or plastic growth pipe screws to repair. Wall lamp base screw is generally significantly less than two pieces. The installation height of wall, ground 2~2.2 meters far from the center of your installation of your common lighting, wall lamp with 1.2 ~1.4 meters is appropriate

four: downlight is suitable for embedded lamps, ceiling. Essential type of lamps and lanterns is cylindrical, mouth lamp for plating lead, titanium or nickel plated metal broadside ring, while in the lamp installed later on, close to the top rated surface, fantastic decorative. The lamp tube features a symmetrical on both sides in the clamping spring device is fixed as downlight. The opening in the lamp opening path, spacing adjustment nut spring by the butterfly. Set up measures:

5 in accordance to dimension downlight, installation position from the ceiling on scribing and drilling 6 will the ceiling reserved electrical power supply line with downlight connecting by way of adjusting the lamp fixed spring leaf butterfly nut, the spring piece as well as the height on the ceiling thickness of the same downlight pushed into the ceiling opening hole, and fitted having a appropriate bulbs

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