How does the 55w electronic ballast works?

The working principle of 55W fluorescent light ballast as beneath:

On account of the gas discharge lamp, such as fluorescent lamps, neon lamp, metal halide lamp is actually a together with the V-I traits of adverse resistance of electric light supply, is unfavorable is often seen when the lamp existing is enhanced, the working voltage of your lamp tube drop, but supply voltage won’t be decreased additional of this voltage applied towards the lamp tube will make the lamp present rise additional, so the cycle, ultimately burned out lamp or lamp extinguished, so to create the lamp operates normally, within the town of flow unit, to limit and stabilize the lamp current. This limiting device is known as a ballast. At present, you will find two types of ballast for gas discharge lamps. electronic ballast principle,the ballast circuit operating characteristic curve within the circuit, operating voltage from the lamp and ballast components of voltage equal for the provide voltage, could at some point make the gas discharge lamp steady operate. Inside the circuit, the lamp energy is usually pressed down:

P=IV a/ >

The alpha lamp luminous coefficient, tube and its functioning voltage and existing, the inductance ballast, alpha could be 0.eight, to higher frequency electronic ballast, alpha can take 0.99 throughout steady lamp circuit, the lamp voltage is steady, so lamp energy will depend on the size from the lamp existing, and also the lamp current and the size in the town flow impedance from the element along with a power provide voltage level about and frequency of power provide of fluorescent lamps work also have an effect. By way of example around the town of inductive flow, ballast inductance impedance ZL=2 PI FL, inductance ballast inductance and its winding number and core size, so when the power provide frequency is larger,flow inductor size are going to be smaller. This can be the usage of higher frequency AC electronic ballast circuit, ballast inductance in the volume and size will likely be really compact at present, the corporation has invested an incredible force for high-frequency AC electronic ballast of scientific study and production.

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