Is 36 watt fluorescent ballast use for 55W tube?

With electronic ballast of fluorescent light fixture, during the two ends of your fluorescent tube is supplied that has a plug bracket, within the plug holder is offered which has a connecting pipe function closely with the convex block shape; about the plug holder is linked that has a lead column and electronic ballast, convex blocks as well as connecting tube interference fit, electronic ballast is organized from the connecting pipe, electronic ballast and fluorescent lamp filament lead column connection. The placement of electronic ballast to the connecting pipe, the connecting pipe plug bracket plus a fluorescent tube is connected and fixed, electronic ballast and fluorescent lamp filament leads electrically linked, the plug bracket is connected with the lead column and electronic ballast, a fluorescent lamp can replace the authentic fluorescent lamp.

Electronic ballast energy factor has the benefits of generating complete use of inductive energy the original ballast correction and arranged during the connecting pipe within the high, very low vitality consumption, utilize standard inductance fluorescent lamp ballast without transformation of ballast fluorescent lamp rectifier can allow the impact of high brightness, reduced power consumption, no stroboscopic no specific set up necessities, however the connection circuit towards the correct. A in depth wiring diagram printed over the emblem (it is superior to confirmed by engineer). Otherwise it is the quality with the ballast.

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